«CityEnergo», LLC provides vehicle monitoring service that enables its Clients to determine on-line the exact coordinates of its location and track the travel route. Besides, this multifunctional smart system enables the control of the vehicle parameters such as mileage, speed, fuel consumption, cargo hold temperature as well as on-board video recording.

System functional capabilities

1. Monitoring of vehicle fleet and specialized machinery operation in real-time

  • Real-time displaying of the vehicle location, its driving direction and speed on the map;
  • Control over adherence to transport route and schedule;
  • Control over timely arrival of the vehicle to the loading/unloading area, duration of stay at the location, departure time from the location;
  • Control over cargo transportation in third-party vehicle using standalone on-board modules;
  • The system automatically informs the dispatcher and management about any failures, deviations, extraordinary events.

2. Control over containerized goods (automotive, railway, sea transportation)

  • On-line tracking of container location;
  • Control over adherence to transport route and schedule;
  • Monitoring of container unloading from a vehicle, train or ship;
  • Control over container opening;
  • Control over timely container loading;
  • Control over the main parameters of the container and engine (oil pressure, battery charge, fuel level, coolant temperature etc.);
  • Remote control over generating set (diesel-generator set);
  • Constant control over cargo relocation within closed spaces (port, warehouse), control over loading/unloading schedule.
3. Control over transporting conditions
  • Control over temperature in the refrigerated truck body or in the refrigerated container transporting perishable goods;
  • Control over truck body opening straight on loading/unloading area;
  • Installation of the on-board video surveillance equipment.

4. Monitoring and control over fuel, oil and lubricants consumption

  • Monitoring over fuel, oil and lubricants consumption inside a one or several fuel tanks of the vehicle to within 99%;
  • Control over instances of unauthorized fuel draining.

5. Efficient failure removal at vehicle fleet functioning

  • The driver can transmit extraordinary events, mechanical breakdown, traffic accident to the dispatcher by means of voice communication;
  • The dispatcher contacts the driver if necessary. Additionally, there is an opportunity to tap inside of a vehicle;
  • In case of gross breach as well as in case of vehicle theft, the dispatcher can switch off the engine from his operating console;
  • The communication panel is used for transmitting text information (for instance, destination address, contact person’s full name, telephone numbers);
  • In an emergency the driver can transmit signal to the dispatcher by means of the alarm button.

6. Additional services for freight carrier's clients

The Client can independently track his cargo movement in real time on the website of the carrier company. All information is protected by access rights therefore the Client will see only his own cargo movement.

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