Regardless to the power plant type and technological process complexity, all the power enterprises seek to power output and reliability increase along with the emission and operational cost decrease. These results should be provided throughout the whole lifetime of the equipment. 

LLC «CityEnergo» offers solution for all level automation of the power plant and combines the equipment and technological process control with informational resource control. Our experience in automation, reliable informational and service systems arrangement enables us to work at power plants of any type.

As a result of Technological Process Automation we guarantee to our Customers: 

· efficiency and high performance index of main power equipment, required technological process safety and fail-safety level;
· high reliability and timeliness of the provided operational information;
· opportunity to adapt promptly to the possible modifications of technological processes and control sequences; reduction of time required for the personnel adaptation to the operational modes and situation, prompt trouble-shooting and detection of deviations from normal parameters;
· reporting process computerization;
· prevention of false staff contingency operation by means of prompt alarming system and false control commands lockout;
· optimization of fuel and energy consumption;
· operation and maintenance cost reduction;
· minimization of operational impact;
· upgradeability in case of technological process modification;
· recording operational personnel commands, main power equipment status and events, including trips;
· recording faults of technological and electrical equipment, passing trip information to the Central Control Room;
· making backups of main operational parameters of the power plant equipment;
· report (protocol) compiling.

LLC «CityEnergo» offers the full range of services for power plant Automatic Process Control engineering and adoption:

· initial investigation of an automation object;
· development of technical design assignment and Automatic Control System project documentation;
·  schematic Automatic Control System design (automation diagram, technical facilities layout, cable lists, etc.);
· design and development of Automatic Process Control systems (block-diagrams, functional, principal, connection, general view diagrams, connection and hookup charts, etc.);
· detailed engineering of Automatic Process Control System and operational documents (descriptions, manuals, instructions, forms, sheets, specification, programs, procedures, etc.);
· software development with the realized measuring procedure, adaptive interactive interface with a maximal number of computer-aided functions;
· development of all level technological charts and various operational equipment algorithms;
· assembly, programming, balancing and preliminary tests of Automatic Process Control System witnessed by the Customer’s representative;
· Automatic Process Control equipment supply, installation and commissioning onsite;
· Automatic Process Control System comprehensive testing;
· training and onsite training of operating personnel;
· Automatic Process Control System commissioning, its technical support and warranty service;
· spare part tools and accessory kit supply (prerequisite instruments and devices for balancing and functional testing, fasteners, replacement parts, accessories, jigs, materials required for system operation and repair).

Automatic Process Control System of a power plant is a three-level system. 

   1. Low level provides: 
  • Direct control of technological equipment of a power plant. 
   2. Medium level provides: 
  • power plant technological equipment automatic control; 
  • Technological process parameters control of all the modes of Gas Turbine Power Plant operation, including starting sequence and shut down of certain equipment; 
  • realization of all level safety automaton and its software hardware backup; 
  • automatic start and shutdown of the main power equipment; 
  • passing all the collected data to the top level control system. 
   3. Top level, realized at HMI and servers, provides: 
  • integration of all the automatic control subsystems of the plant (UCP, compressors, associated substations, firefighting automation, Gas Turbine Power Plant electrical equipment, common plant equipment); 
  • plant equipment remote control; 
  • power plant control system parameter adjustment; 
  • backup of technological parameters, technological equipment status, trips, operator and other personnel actions. 
  • reporting to the operating and technical personnel on all the technical data; calculation of the parameters, preparation of protocols and other operating documents for printing; 
  • Control access ranging. 

Automatic Process Control System completes the following power plant operation management tasks: 

When Gas Turbine Power Plant operates online with the grid: 
  • Control of the active power balance between the power system and Gas Turbine Power Plant; 
  • Active power spread between power units working in parallel; 
  • Reactive power balance between the power system and Gas Turbine Power Plant; 
  • Reactive power spread between active power units operating in parallel. 
When Gas Turbine Power Plant operates offline: 
  • Voltage adjustment, reactive power spread between the power units working in parallel, reactive power control; 
  • Frequency control, active power spread between the generators, active power adjustment. 
  • Automatic switching from offline to online operating mode: 
  • Electric circuit setup (auto synchronizer input/output connection); 
  • Automatic and manual synchronization of 6kV and 110KV breakers. 
Automatic Process Control performs parametric diagnostics, technical and economical analysis of GTPP performance. On operator request the following functions can be performed at the set intervals: 
  • actual GTPP performance parameters comparison with the calculated values; 
  • calculation of GTPP performance; 
  • gas consumption calculation; 
  • calculation of fuel utilization coefficient; 
  • heat generation calculation. 

For more information regarding technological process automation of the power plants, please, contact us on the phone: +7 (495) 780-37-96 or by e-mail:

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