LLC «CityEnergo» performs Pre-Commissioning Operations (PCO) for the main power equipment of power plants on the ground of License №CPO-C-242-13022012 dated 20.04.2012 and also to the effective regulations of the Russian Federation, International Codes of Practice, as well as internal standards and international quality management system of the company.

Pre-Commissioning operations by their nature and purpose are intended to continue after installation works and are the final stage at power plant construction. Upon their completion, the facility can be presented for commissioning.

Start-up and adjustment operations of the power equipment are connected with the probability factor influence, as the main factor is the search of the root causes which induce deviation from normal parameters of the technological processes. This process has a highly specific nature and involves all the intellectual recourses of pre-commissioning and test specialists.

We guarantee to our Customers

The technical expertise of the LLC «CityEnergo» specialists who perform pre-commissioning and test of power equipment, their extensive experience, accumulated over many years as well as the high quality of the activities performed ensures the commissioning of fully operable power facilities and their long-term continuous operation.

Scope of pre-commissioning operations performed by LLC «CityEnergo» specialists:

1. Preparation stage:

· Investigation and analysis of the design and plant documentation, checking for project documents compliance with the normative documents, generic solutions and best practice; development of punch list and recommendations for their rectification;
· Creation of pre-commissioning activities project, including safety arrangements;
· Development and approval of operating programs for commissioning and startup;
· Preparation of instrumentation, test equipment and devices, laboratory arrangement and equipping, provision of worksites with the instruments, tools, guidelines and procedures;
· Compiling a list of documents, execution of which is necessary at different stages of production and acceptance of pre-commissioning works of every functional unit;
· Development of first draft operational instructions.

2. Supply of Equipment, materials and components


While performing pre-commissioning operations, there will be a need to supply necessary equipment, construction materials, custom machinery and tools. Therefore, control of the suppliers and subcontractors reliability, quality and punctuality of deliveries and subcontracted operations are essential. LLC «CityEnergo» can either take responsibility for selecting the equipment and material suppliers or can the supply it by themselves.

Our specialists are continuously monitoring the development in the suppliers’ market, analyzing large amounts of information regarding prices for services and products of leading companies in this area. Expertise of the companies and quality of commitment fulfillment are estimated on a mandatory basis, as well as contractual arrangement status, technologies used, financing methods, warranty periods for the supplied products, performance time and pricing policy of each particular supplier.

Use of this information ensures that only the companies that offer best quality-price ratio are involved in activities at site.

3. Pre-installation audit and equipment check 


LLC «CityEnergo» specialists perform pre-installation audit and equipment check: for machines and mechanisms, devices, valves and control systems.

Moreover, we offer professional support to equipment installation.

4. Element-by-Element Acceptance


At this pre-commissioning stage LLC «CityEnergo» specialists perform unit-by-unit acceptance after installation and functional tests of the equipment under commissioning.

Prior to the individual tests of the equipment installed, pre-commissioning operations are performed for electrical devices, automatic control systems, heat-power equipment and other types of equipment which are involved in individual tests of main equipment.

5. Unit-by-Unit Acceptance


Upon completion of individual tests, unit-by-unit acceptance of the functional units is performed, including the necessary control of quality and completeness of their installation.

6. Unit-by-Unit Commissioning


An essential stage of pre-commissioning operations is unit-by-unit commissioning of the functional units of off-stream equipment (cold check) and a run test under load. As a result, the functional unit is handed over from pre-commissioning to commissioning mode, inspection of construction and installation completeness and unit-to-unit total commissioning of equipment in operation.

7. Power Unit Test


Commissioning of separate functional units is followed by power unit test (or test of a separate Boiler Unit, Turbine Unit) with synchronization (or without in case of a separate Boiler Unit) and loading in order to check full construction and installation completeness.

Pre-commissioning operations being performed during individual tests of the equipment, meet the requirements of the engineering documentation, standards and technical specifications for separate machines, mechanisms and devices for their preparation for reliability run and acceptance by the working committee.

8. Unit-to-Unit Comprehensive Debugging


This stage is finalized with the Unit-to-Unit Comprehensive Debugging and testing of functional units including Control subsystems and operational equipment of the Unit control room for final adjustment of equipment running modes. Operational testing of functional technological units including control system is performed, defects are detected and punch-list is generated, and functional units are commissioned for industrial operation.

9. Comprehensive Performance Test of the Equipment


At the stage of comprehensive performance test (72 hours) check and adjustment are performed and on-line interoperation as per designed technological process at FSNL is ensured. Moreover, the equipment is switched to run under load and stable operation during whole period of run at designed capacity is achieved. Any additional works that appear during startup, commissioning and performance test, which is not mentioned in the project documentation, are performed by the Customer or, on his behalf, by installation and construction companies as per the documents, compiled in the established order/

Any defects detected during individual tests and comprehensive performance test as well as during commissioning, should be rectified by the Customer (or manufacturing plant) before the final acceptance of the facility.

10. Unit Acceptance into Production


Upon completion of all operations within comprehensive commissioning procedure for the Power Unit or a separate unit and its comprehensive test, the equipment can be submitted for acceptance into production. Final acceptance is carried out by the State Committee and includes necessary tests of the main power equipment and completing appropriate Acceptance into Production Certificate.

In order to obtain additional information regarding the procedure, terms and cost of performance of power equipment pre-commissioning operations, please, contact our specialist on the phone number : +7 (495) 780-37-96 or e-mail:

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