Nowadays, the term «Energy Efficiency» comes to the fore, because enterprises are making significant efforts to decrease costs, save energy and introduce energy-efficient technology.

However, prior to making any steps towards it, it’s necessary to analyze the real state of company’s energy management and its efficiency. Fair independent opinion of the experts, called Energy Audit, serves this purpose.

The Energy Inspection (Energy Audit) — activity which can only be performed by a specialized company which has not only trained specialists but also appropriate procedures, instrumentation stock and expertise in power generation. In compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law №261-ФЗ dated 23.11.2009 on «Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Increase and on Amendments of the Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation», energy inspection can be performed only by the persons who are members of self-regulated organizations (SRO) in the sphere of energy inspection.

In order to enter Energy Inspection market LLC «CityEnergo» has arranged training for its specialists at Ivanovo State Power University, with the specialization in «Energy Audit» and we fully comply with the legislative requirements mentioned above:

· We are incumbent members of SRO on Energy Audit;
· We have at least 4 energy auditors, trained according to the Order №148 dated 07.04.2010 of RF Ministry of Energy;
· We have all the required instrumentation and equipment for energy inspection;
· We have approved methods and procedures for energy inspection;
· We have all the required permits for energy inspection.

While performing Energy Audit (energy inspection) of enterprises and companies «CityEnergo» makes assessment of all the aspects which are connected with fuel costs, different types of energy and energy resources.

The Energy inspection and an Energy Efficiency Enhancement Program, developed on its basis, enables:

- To increase reliability of energy supply; 
- To increase reliability and safety of power units;
- To increase efficiency of power utilization;
- To optimize energy expenditures connected with business reasons.

The purposes of Energy Inspection: 

· Receiving external evidence on the used energy recourses level;
· Energy Efficiency measurement;
· Estimation of energy saving potential and energy efficiency enhancement potential;
· Development of list of typical generally available activities on energy saving and efficiency enhancement, estimation of their cost.

Stages of Energy Audit: 


Analysis of:
• Equipment content, water supply conditions, heat circuit properties;
• Activities for use of heat efficiency reserve;
• State of equipment and operating modes in compliance with the approved codes and specifications;
• Measuring data, received from the personal and stationary measuring instruments;
• Optimality of heating system arrangement and load spread between units;
• Operation and optimization of software for process control system of the unit;
• Operation and optimization of software for electrical equipment control system of the unit;
• Fuel and energy balance.
2. Estimation of status of technical record-keeping and reporting, rationing and fuel consumption index analysis;
3. Instrumental inspection;
4. Development of activities for realization of the reveled energy saving potential;
5. Compiling energy performance certificate;
6. Compiling a report on the performed energy inspection;
7. Approval and endorsement of the work results.

For further information regarding procedure, terms and price of energy audit, please, contact us on the phone number +7 (495) 780-37-96 or by e-mail: 

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