Cooperation with «CityEnergo» company enables the customer to increase considerably the equipment lifetime and to improve the operating personnel qualification, which leads directly to an increase of the economic benefit of the realized power projects.

«CityEnergo» Company performs power enterprises operation enhancement by means of a number of activities, among which:

Introduction of new technologies and devices, which include a unique innovative solution, developed by «CityEnergo» specialist – the Remote Monitoring System (RMS).

Modernization of the current operation modes of the power plants and the equipment is one of the complicated scientific and practical challenges, due to the background information uncertainty, multiple options, difficulty of real technical status assessment and many other factors. In solving this problem, LLC «CityEnergo» uses reference energy characteristics.

Technological Process Automation. LLC «CityEnergo» provides solutions for all level automation of a power plant and combines equipment and technological process control with the informational resources control. Our expertise in automation and reliable informational as well as in the service system construction, enables us to work at power plants of any type.

Development of technological instructions and operational charts:

- operation documentation for the equipment service maintenance;
- technical guidelines and charts;
- power plant and workshop regulations;
- operating personnel duty regulations;
- labour protection and safety regulations for all the operating personnel positions;
- reporting documentation;
- operating procedures.

Energy inspection (Energy Audit) оis one of the most important activities for power equipment operation enhancement. Having trained our specialists at Ivanovo State Power University with the specialization in «Energy Audit» we got an opportunity to enter the market.

During energy inspection (energy audit) an expert assessment is made for all the enterprise activity aspects connected with fuel costs, all kinds of energy and energy resource expenditures. Energy inspection gives an opportunity to increase the equipment efficiency by means of the following activities:

- Obtaining external evidence regarding amounts of the utilized energy resources;
- Detection of the energy efficiency index;
- Detection of the energy saving potential and energy efficiency increase potential;
- Development of a list of typical generally available activities on energy saving and efficiency enhancement; estimation of their cost.

Prior to the development of the activities aimed at operation enhancement, the specialists of LLC «CityEnergo» perform an analysis of the project document for the thermal and mechanical, electrical and automatic process control equipment.

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