«CityEnergo» Company provides technical support for power equipment operation. For this purpose our specialists have developed a unique innovational solution – Remote Monitoring System (RMS), which is successfully implemented at our Customers’ facilities.

The Remote Monitoring System aims to provide technical advice and services to the operating personnel of power and industrial enterprises.

The Remote Monitoring System enables to monitor the running equipment and analyze its operation on a 24-hour basis. Facilities, though, can be located several thousand kilometers away from the Dispatching Control Center in any time zone.

Owing to qualified specialists of LLC «CityEnergo» analytical department work, the Customer is able to respond the situation promptly and accurately. Our dispatchers will provide real-time assistance for trouble-shooting. However, an important feature of the remote monitoring system is that it’s not able to influence in any way the operational parameters of the power facility or to modify existing parameters of the control system.

The Remote Monitoring System enables instant response to contingency situations and to solve effectively the following problems:

  • Ensuring high technical-economic index of Customer equipment performance 
  • Diagnosis of the used equipment and warning in case of key parameters being out of range
  • Generation of alarm warnings and passing them to the Customer’s Control System
  • Keeping operating personnel advised of accurate equipment state information
  • Detection of probable reasons of equipment technical state change
  • Detection of units which affect the state of equipment and fault types
  • Evaluation of probable further development of fault and change of equipment technical state
  • Ecological monitoring of industrial unit parameters and performance of ecological tests under service conditions
  • Compiling reports for planning of technical maintenance and repair

For more information regarding power equipment technical support, please, contact us on: +7 (495) 780-37-96 or by e-mail:

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