Director General of LLC «CityEnergo»



Stanislav Alexandrovich

Born on November 8,1969 in Belichan town,                                            Susumansky district, the Magadan Region


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Graduated from Vasilkov Military Technical College in 1991.

Graduated from Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy, the faculty of aircraft and engine maintenance in 2000.

Same year of 2000 he graduated from Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, getting a degree in “International Marketing”.

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Since 1987, Stanislav Gyndenov was on a service in the Armed Forces. Upon retirement in 2005 as a Major, he started working for JSC «ORGRES» as an engineer of the Thermo Technical Equipment Engineering Center.

In 2007 Stanislav started working at LLC «TPE-CITY» and in 2009 he became the chief engineer of the commissioning department.

In 2011 Stanislav became the head of LLC «CityEnergo».

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Stanislav Gyndenov is awarded a Diploma «For merits in the Unified Energy System of Russia development». 

Stanislav is one of the lead experts of Russia in the modern energy technology area.

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Additional Information:

Stanislav is fond of his work and he really enjoys it. He believes the main treasure of the company is the staff; therefore he does his best to promote their professional growth and development.

Stanislav is absolutely sure that a high-professional specialist always has where to apply his knowledge and experience, however, team spirit, high in-house culture level and favorable ambience are essential for the growth and development of the company.

Married, has a son.

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